STEP 3 What are SAKATA INX′s strengths?

3-1 We are a local-based global manufacturer that actively seeks to incorporate customers' needs.  We have businesses in 18 countries and regions both in Japan and overseas.

SAKATA INX forayed into overseas at an early stage, and currently deploys business in 18 countries and regions around the world.  Our basic system is to produce and sell locally.  We conduct business in line with the needs of each region.
Furthermore, we have an ink supplying global network that can supply from our nearest facilities where we do not have bases.

3-2 We are working to develop environmentally-friendly products and to make production more efficient.

Printing ink is a chemical product, and it is important to consider the environment.  SAKATA INX works to develop ink using materials derived from plant-derived and materials that have less impact on human health.  Many of our customers have already used our environmentally-friendly products.  There is increased demand in our products in overseas where environmental regulations are becoming stricter.  Furthermore, by actively promoting TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) activities and actively seeking to streamline our production systems, we have improved quality and productivity and greatly improved the working environments.  In recognition of these efforts, we received TPM Advanced Special Award from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. What is TPM (Total Production Maintenance)?

3-3 Through customer-oriented sales, we have succeeded in rapidly developing and improving ink that reflects our customers' voices.

SAKATA INX sales representatives and technicians visit the printing workplace to listen directly of the voices of our usuers to reflect it to the development and improvement of our ink.  The abundant experience we have built up in this way has allowed us to develop ink that is environmentally-friendly and high quality.
As a result, we have gained strong trust from customers in our newspaper ink, which has experienced an ongoing evolution in technology since the founding of our company, and also flexo ink for corrugated boxes, which we converted into water-based at an early stage.
Our offset ink is used in commercial printing, and our flexo and gravure inks are used in film packaging that have gained excellent reputation thanks to SAKATA INX′s technology.  SAKATA INX′s market presence in these fields is growing. Moreover, our North American subsidiary manufactures and sells metal decorating ink with a large market share.

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