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Packaging Ink


With the progress of distribution industry, we see various types of packaging in the world. We cannot think of a life without packaging. There is ink used on paper containers, corrugated boxes, paper bags, etc. and ink used on flexible packaging film used on confectionary, processed food, sanitary products, etc. These types of inks require not only printability and decorations but also high technology such as various functions, safety, etc. SAKATA INX's flexo and gravure ink used for printing gains trust from customers all over the world. They are not only high function and quality but also safe and environmentally-friendly ink.


  • Ink and varnish for corrugated boxes, paper containers, paper bags, etc.
    Flexo ink for flexible packaging, Gravure ink (solvent-based and water-based), etc.

Information Media Ink

<Newspaper Ink Business>
The Newspaper Ink Business has a long history and achievements as SAKATA INX CORP. was established manufacturing newspaper ink in 1896. With the advance of technical introduction in recent years, increase in newspaper pages, reduction in pulp volume in paper, requirement of high printing quality (dot fineness), etc. have been seen in the newspaper production. In order to meet the needs of newspapers, SAKATA INX has continued to develop new newspaper ink and propose systems to promote quality improvements and reliability. We have gained the firm trust of newspaper companies especially in Japan that improves the quality of color pages and manages colors from upstream to downstream of newspaper production.

<Commercial Printing Ink Business>
We manufacture and sell offset ink that is used mainly on commercial printing such as books, posters, catalogues, etc. SAKATA INX was first in the ink industry in Japan to develop ink using vegetable oil. We have continued to focus on developing environmentally-friendly ink. We can offer a wide product mix of high-speed web offset ink, waterless offset ink, ink used for perfector and ink free of aromatic compounds. In Japan, we can provide state-of-the-art prinitng equipment, and can also support printing companies for digitalization.


  • Newspaper ink, dampening water, offset ink (sheet-fed ink and web offset ink), varnish coating, dampening water, etc.

Digital & Specialty Products Business

Digital & Specialty Products Business

With the ink business being our core business, we have also expanded to business fields other than printing ink by applying printing ink's development and production technology.
<Inkjet Ink and Toner>
With the remarkable development of digital printing technology, the market is rapidly expanding. High quality and function inkjet ink and toner are essentional for the development and growth. SAKATA INX regards this field as one of the important business pillars by stromgly supporting this business.
<Pigment Dispersion>
Liquid crystal panels are used in many electornic devices such as television, smartphone, etc. Color filters and pigment dispersions used on liquid crystal panels play indispensable roles.
<Functional Coating Agent>
Various functions are added such as gloss, water-proof, moisture prevention, oil resistance, anti-slipping, gas barrier, etc.


  • Powder toners, inkjet ink, pigment dispersions for color filters, etc.