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Corporate Philosophy

Business Theme

Creation of Visual Communication Technology

The core of existence

Develop a communication culture that makes people’s lives more enjoyable


  • Be a company with a corporate culture that is creative, refined, and energetic, open-minded and newsy.
  • Be a company that has a sensitive, responsive, flexible, innovative and progressive corporate culture.

Corporate Principles

Customer first   Aggressive business development   Challenges   Creativity   Fair business practices   Corporate values and assessment of the practices


We promise to provide all who are involved with us to have “pleasant” feelings, especially:

  • dream inspiring and colorful lives for our society
  • brightness and distinctiveness for our community
  • pride for our shareholders
  • more satisfaction for our customers
  • mutual prosperity for our suppliers
  • pride and job satisfaction for our employees

To uphold these principles, we hereby pledge that we shall always put our feelings of “We Love You” to everything we do.

Origin of the Company Name and Logo

Origin of the Company Name and Logo


SAKATA comes from the surname of our founder Tsuneshirou Sakata.  INX is a coined word combining “INK” (which is the foundation of our business) with “X” to represent the unlimited number of possibilities for business expansion and capacity for technological development.  “...” is added at the end to express the endless development of the company into the future to make SAKATA INX ... .