As printing technologies advance and printers becoming more high performance, printing ink is constantly required to be even more excellent - printing at high speed, high quality, improvement in printability, etc. With the prevalence of packaged products, excellent ink is not only required for decorations but also ink with function and safety is required.
SAKATA INX has fully utilized its core technologies such as dispersion and processing technology and resin synthesis technology to develop high quality and function printing ink. We have deployed globally, but at the same time, we have localized to suit each region to develop and provide what is most suitable for customers. By utilizing the core technologies in the field of printing ink from the development of functional coating materials and hard imaging materials such as recording materials to soft imaging materials such as image formation and display and high-functional compound materials for use in the electronics industry. SAKATA INX continues to challenge developing creative technical development.

Core Technologies

Resin Synthesis Technology

This technology refers to binder resin used for inks with functions such as coloring disperse function, adhesive function, printability, various durability and other functions. These functions require molecular-level resin designing.

Dispersion and Processing Technology

This technology minutely disperses organic, inorganic pigments, etc. from submicron to nano-level to make them stable and uniform. It requires surface modifications of pigments used as colorants and development of dispersion resin, coloring dispersion aids, etc. This technology is applicable to various recording materials, functional coatings, optics, functional materials, etc. for electronic industry as well as printing inks.

Printing and Coating Evaluation Technology

This technology forms images with inks, coating agents, etc. on the base materials such as papers and films to form thin films image to convey information or functional thin films. It is a useful technology used as a industrial manufacturing method to form and process fine images of thin film by various functional materials and compound materials.

Image Processing Technology

This technology is utilized when using a computer to process, store and transmit digital information into a variety of other information formats.
Our image processing technology to respond to high-quality printing has been applied and developed as an information processing technique in telecommunications, digital networks and the IT industry.

Color Management Technology

This technology uses spectrophotometers and computers to manage colors as absolute values.
This is an indispensable color management technology not only in color industries such as printing, dyeing, painting, cosmetics, etc. but also in the IT industry in fields such as creating and transmitting color information in computer graphics, telecommunications and digital networks.

Development examples


  • Environmentally-friendly offset ink
    (vegetable oil as main component, non-VOC and without dampening water)
  • Energy cure ink
  • Environmentally-friendly liquid ink (non-toleune & Non-MEK and water-based ink for flexible packaging)


Functional materials

  • Pigment-type inkjet ink (water-based, UV and solvent-based)
  • Color toner
  • Pigment dispersion for liquid crystal
  • Functional coating agent