Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety Initiatives

Occupational Health & Safety

SAKATA INX has acquired OSHMS (Occupational Safety and Health Management System) certificaiton from JISHA (JAPAN INDUSTRIAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ASSOCIATION) at our four main plants (Tokyo, Osaka, Shiga and Hanyu) with the aim of improving awareness and knowledge of health and safety, and strengthening day-to-day activities.
OSHMS independently promotes systematic and ongoing health and safety management with the aim of improving health and safety standards in the workplace.  It is a way of building system to promote a safety-first approach in which potential risks are identified, countermeasures are implemented and accidents are prevented.  The key point is whether or not the "three CAs" (check and action) are functioning properly.
Training on occupational health and safety is carried out at each job level, including newly-hired employees (when they join the plant), workers involved in dangerous work, and workers with management and supervisory qualifications.  Furthermore, we also offer internal training seminars to include basic day-to-day improvement activities such as near-miss training and "pointing and calling," as well as outline and operation of OSHMS, day-to-day health and safety activities, and obtaining knowledge of related laws.
Our overseas plants in the U.S., France, India, Vietnam and Thailand have acquired OHSAS18001.  OHSAS18001 is an international standard widely used for occupational health and safety management system, which was established mainly by the British standards Institute.
We will continue to promote an even stronger establishment of occupational healf and safety, and carry out autonomous initiatives to match the real situation in each workplace, and also pursue ongoing improvements with the aim of eliminating accidents in the workplace.

The Three CAs of OSHMS
1.Everyday Improvement Activities
In other words, CA at the departments
where workers are based.
2.System Monitoring
In other words, CA as a workplace carried
out through internal auditing.
3.Management Reviews
In other words, CA by top executives.

OSHMS Registration Certificates

Tokyo Plant and Hanyu Plant
Date of Registration: December 8, 2008
Certificate Number: 08-12-6
Osaka Plant
Date of Registration: January 13, 2009
Certificate Number: 09-28-15
Shiga Plant
Date of Registration: December 8, 2016
Certificate Number: 16-25-14