Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety Initiatives

Environmentally-friendly Products

Environmentally-friendly Products

SAKATA INX works to respond to the diverse needs of our customers and supply high quality ink, while also developing ink that is environmentally friendly. In ink design, we consider how to reduce our environmental impact, not only in terms of the types of raw materials used but also in terms of how the ink itself is used,
from the printing process to the post printing processing.
We will continue actively developing environmentally-friendly products so that we are able to continue contributing to lifestyles and an information culture brimming with aspiration and color.

Vegetable oil ink and VOC-free ink

In December 2008, the Japan Printing Ink Makers Association set out a definition and standard for "vegetable oil ink" in which high boiling point petroleum solvents are replaced with various types of vegetable oil (such as soy oil, etc.).  Displaying the "Vegetable oil ink" mark is only permitted to the label for ink that meets the standard and printed matters that use this ink. Furthermore, as an activity to reduce volatile compounds in the ink, ink containing high boiling point petroleum solvent components less than 1% is referred to as "VOC-free ink."  Most of the inks comply with the "ink green mark system" which was introduced by the Japan Printing Ink Makers Association to promote reduction in environmental load.

<Vegetable oil ink>

<VOC-free ink>

<Ink complying with Ink green mark>

Botanical ink and Rice ink

<Botanical ink>
In our gravure ink, flexo ink and offset ink product line, we have "Botanical ink" which is an ink partially based on plant-derived materials.  With the purpose to save fossil resources and reduce CO2 emission, we have registered our own trademark.  Printing matters that use "Botanical ink" are able to use the "Botanical ink mark."

<Rice ink>
"Rice ink" is an ink using plant-derived materials that especially contain rice bran oil derived components.
SAKATA INX CORP. is a member of the rice ink consortium that aims to spread rice ink.  We have products approved as rice ink.  Printing matters that use our rice ink are able to use the rice ink logo.

Toluene and MEK-free ink

Gravure ink is mainly used on packaging film, which uses organic solvents. Toluene is an organic solvent that must be reported under the Industrial Safety and Health Act and the PRTR Act. However, ink with a toluene content of less than 0.3% is defined as “toluene-free ink” (JAPAN PRINTING INK MAKERS ASSOCIATION′s definition), and SAKATA INX has promoted the development and sale of this ink from an early stage. We have launched a “toluene and MEK-free ink” that does not use MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), and this product has gained an excellent reputation.

<Toluene and MEK-free ink>

Water-based flexo ink

In the corrugated box and paper container industry, there is a strong awareness of the need for environmental measures such as paper recycling and lighter weight.  From an early stage, SAKATA INX has worked on water-based ink.  Water-based flexo printing on plastic film has recently attracted attention from an environmental point of view.  We have anticipated the needs by staying one step ahead, and pursuing the development of a flexo ink that is water-based with high performance.

<Water-based flexo ink (for corrugated box and paper carton)>
<Water-based flexo ink (for film)>

Other environmentally-friendly products

<Dampening water>
<Water-based gravure ink>