STEP 2	What is the market environment surrounding SAKATA INX?

2-1 There has been an increase in the use of printing ink for paper in newly emerging economies.

Economic development and increased literacy rates in newly emerging economies such as China and India has led to an increase in demand for newspapers and advertising. As a result, there has also been an increase in the volume of ink supplied to meet this demand.

2-2 Demand for printing ink for packaging has grown along with economic growth in newly emerging economies, and there has also been steady demand from developed economies.

Newly emerging economies in regions such as Asia have witnessed remarkable economic growth and in recent years there has been a rapid increase in the number of new convenience stores, supermarkets, etc., leading to demand from a large number of consumers for packaged products.
Meanwhile, in developed countries an increase in the elderly population and single-person households has led to increased demand for small portion packaging.
In this environment, demand for ink used on packaging has remained steady, and there has been growth in demand along with the economic growth of newly emerging economies in particular.

2-3 There are numerous possibilities in the fields of inkjet ink and digital and speciality products.

The inkjet ink handled by SAKATA INX is used for the industrial inkjet printers that produce large-size printing for building signs, wrap advertisements on trains and buses, and public transport advertising in stations and subways, etc.
The market is gradually expanding as a result of increasing high-mix low-volume production, cost reductions, and greater convenience such as quicker delivery times.
Demand for inkjet printing is increasing on a global scale, and this is an area that the printing industry is paying close attention to.
The digital and speciality products developed and manufactured using the core technologies possessed by SAKATA INX are necessary in a variety of different fields, such as preventing reflection or damage to LCD screens or making gas barriers to extend the shelf life of food products. These products also have the potential for further development in future.

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