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Representative Director, President & CEO KOTARO MORITA

SAKATA INX CORP. has been contributing to the development of communication culture through printing ink, graphic arts materials, etc. since its establishment in 1896.  Our mission is to "create a communication culture that will enrich the life style of society."  We will continue to add colors to a variety of valuable information, and turn this information into visible form.

SAKATA INX Group is a global company operating in 18 countries and regions, both in Japan and overseas.  We have developed products and markets to suit local characteristics.  We have responded to changing times, and we have been working to get ahead in business by developing products that place less environment load, supporting the move to digitalization in the printing industry, applying our core technologies to new fields, etc.

SAKATA INX Group is working to accomplish the 3-year "Mid-term Business Plan 2020" ~Innovation for the Future" ending in 2020.  We will promote innovations and challanges based on the corporate philosophy of "Creation of Visual Communication Technology."  

We will continue to have the printing ink business as our core business, and apply core technologies that we have fostered through the development and production of ink to digital & specialty products business.  We will work actively to develop and sell our products to grow this business as a new business pillar.  SAKATA INX will expand its horizons to the world and be a trusted business partner from customers.  We will achieve sustainable growth as a global company, and be a relaible business partner for our customers.  Our aim is to build a solid position in the printing and information industry.

SAKATA INX Group will continue to take a proactive stance towards environmental and CSR activities, etc., and will work to further enhance our corporate value.  We hope to receive understanding and support from our stakeholders.