Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety Initiatives

Quality Initiatives


SAKATA INX propels comprehensive quality assurance measures for our products. We have established the Quality Committee under the supervision of the CSR Committee to carry out systematic quality assurance activities in our business activities, including design and development, manufacturing, storage, transportation and sales, with the aim of obtaining the trust of our customers and maintaining and improving sales. One of the methods used to achieve this goal is through ISO9001, and we have promoted the acquisition of ISO9001 certification, beginning with Tokyo Plant in 1996, and then developing activities to the Osaka and Hanyu plant and to our overseas locations.
Since 1998, we have promoted fundamental reviews of our production systems across our plants, and launched “TPM Activities” with the aim of improving quality by increasing the efficiency of our production systems.

Basic Quality Philosophy and Company-wide Quality Policy

Basic Quality Philosophy and Company-wide Quality PolicyOur basic philosophy and policy on quality, which aim to obtain the trust of our customers.

Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification

Acquisition of ISO9001 CertificationAn introduction of facilities that have acquired ISO9001 certification, an international standard on quality.