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When was SAKATA INX founded and established?
The company was founded in November 1896 in Osaka. It was established in September 1920.
What is the origin of the company name “SAKATA INX...”?
SAKATA comes from the surname of our founder Tsuneshirou Sakata. INX is a coined word combining “INK” (which is the foundation of our business) with “X” to represent the unlimited number of possibilities for business expansion and capacity for technological development. “...” is added at the end to express the endless development of the company into the future to make SAKATA INX ....
What kind of business is SAKATA INX involved in?
We mainly manufacture and sell printing ink that are used for various types of printings. We have also made use of our ink development and manufacturing technologies to manufacture and sell inkjet ink, image display materials for LCD displays, and coating agents that are applied to film or paper to achieve a variety of functions. What′s more, in Japan we sell printing-related equipment, materials, digital devices, etc.
When did SAKATA INX first list shares?
We listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 1988.
Where are your consolidated affiliated companies based?
We have 27 companies located in Japan and overseas. We also have 4 equity method affiliates.
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Are you part of a business conglomerate?
We do not belong to any business conglomerates.
Are you a family business?
What is your overseas sales?
Overseas sales account for about half of our total sales.
How does overseas productions operate?
Our basic system is to produce and sell locally. We have production facilities in various locations : Americas, Europe and Asia.
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Business Performance and Account Settlement information

When does the company′s fical year end?
It ends on December 31.
(From the year ended December 31, 2015)
When does the company announce its financial results?
The company announces its quarterly financial results, and yearly financial results in early February each year.
How can I obtain the latest information on the company′s financial results?
Information on the company′s financial results is announced in accordance with the timely disclosure regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Please see the TDnet site set up by the Tokyo Stock Exchange for the latest information.
Where can I see the financial statements?
Please see the financial statements page.
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Where can I see the annual report?
We do not currently make an annual report.
Is the company listed overseas?

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